Celebrity Clientele

Guys I have just had my lashes done by the QUEENS’ I don’t think I’ve ever had better lashes like this before in my life!

- Charlotte Crosby

Oh my god! They look like a strip lash!

- Sophie Kasai
- Bethan Kershaw
- Chloe Elizabeth
- Chloe Ferry
- Scarlett Ellis
- Daisy O'Donnell
- Hannah Elizabeth
- Che Mcsorely
- Stephanie Snowdon
- P.Louise


Hi Ladies, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you do. Not just your spectacular lashes, but the wonderful uplifting, friendly, empowering warmth that you all give your clients.

SHE Lash have done it again! I 100% believe these girls are the BEST lashes techs in the UK (maybe the world?🤷🏼‍♀️) These queens not only makesure you leave with the most perfect lashes but they also make sure you leave feeling amazing too! Every month I get excited for my lashes and my free therapy session! Thank you girls for always making my week and giving me the most perfect lashes! 💋😍✨

I almost cancelled my appointment today because I didn't feel glamorous enough to have my lashes done by you guys but having turned up today, having the chance to lay down, be pampered, have a chat and a laugh with such beautiful people has really given me the happy kick up the bum I needed. My lashes are beautiful and more importantly I feel a bit more bold heading out into the day. So, thank you, you're doing a truly wonderful job of spreading a bit of joy and that really is an incredibly important thing 😘😘

Morning 💗 Watch your stories every morning and just love all those lashes!! Just got to say without even stepping foot inside your salons that its got to be the best place to work!! You all have an absolute ball 💗 Would love to have the balls to change career an start from the beginning with beauty. From what once was the opinion from people salons bitched about other salons etc you ladies are absolute QUEENS 👸🏻 an give out so much Love to each other an other salons!! What true queens 💗💗💗

You girls are literally perfection! Thank you so much 💕💕 I adore my lashes, adore your girls and adore coming to see you all ❤️❤️ I am the happiest bride with the sassiest lashes around 💁🏼 xxxx




  • Bethan Kershaw

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Charlotte Crosby

  • Chloe Elizabeth

  • Chloe Ferry

  • Daisy O'Donnell

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Hannah Elizabeth

  • Scarlett Ellis

  • Chloe Ferry

  • Charlotte Crosby

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Daisy O'Donnell

  • Che Mcsorely

  • Stephanie Snowdon

Are you ready to meet the superstar ladies? Aquaria is dynamic high fashion and is extremely versatile. Aquaria defines our mega messy wisipies set. If your not afraid to be out there, much like aquaria our set is loud, proud and confident.

Think short, sweet & Fluffy for our Asia O’haras, delivers in any occasion whilst still looking, elegant, delicate and dazzling.

The THICKEST your lashes can possibly take & set our tweezers can create. our Bianca Del rios are as dark as the night is long. You want the works? We give you the Bianca Del Rio. Be daring and audacious.

Meet the girl who started it all. Our Brooklyn heights is the original lash map, an all rounder however much like Brooklyn we added our SHE magic to make the “Brooklyn heights” set sparkle.

Want to be noticed from across the street? Our Chanel Davenports not only offer fullness but also deliver length. Think touching my eyebrows LONG for this show stopping set.

If your wanting to keep it simple & classy with an ‘is she isn’t she? effect’ our IVY WINTERS lash map is your girl.

Our KATYA lash map Taking the classic cat-eye to new sassy extremes. Ending with an exaggerated feline flick to make people know you mean business.

Our Kim Chi lash map flaunts personality. If you want to make your eyes twinkle & stand out from the crowd our Kim Chi’s will be sure to turn heads & make them stare.

Because who doesn’t love a 3 style chop?? The 3 style chop is soft enough to lure you in but sharp enough to show that you ain’t messin.

Unapologetically different. Our Sasha velours deliver something no strip lash can. much like our “spiked chops” set, as always we threw the rule book out of the window and used our imagination ✨ A dark thick shadowed base with a dramatised spiked throughout for added drama.

Love length but can’t quite hack full volume?! We give you our girl ????TRIXIE MATTEL???? she was made for you mega wispie lovers!

Thus, we have the “cat eye” not as dramatic as the “feline flick” but is so wearable from the day time when you’re busy being your adorable self, to the enticing diva on the dancefloor at night.