Infill – Essex

£50.00 £41.67 2 hours

When you book an appointment with us you will only pay your deposit (which is non refundable), the rest of payment can either be paid by cash or bank transfer to your lash tech at the end of your appointment.

Please arrive 5/10 minutes earlier for your appointment taking into consideration traffic.

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(Recommended every 2-4 weeks)

When your lashes are due for an infill we always recommend to book in for a full infill appointment. Allowing your lash tech 2 hours to give what’s left of your lashes a bit of TLC before fluffing them back up again. You are guaranteed for every single hair to be lashed within this full infill app. You must have at least 40% of lashes remaining for an infill appointment.

Please note infills of another lash artists work (non SHE Lash artist) is £50.