Master Full Set – Chester

£65.00 2 hours

When you book an appointment with us you will only pay your deposit (which is non refundable), the rest of payment can either be paid by cash or bank transfer to your lash tech at the end of your appointment.

Please arrive 5/10 minutes earlier for your appointment taking into consideration traffic.


You will be allocated a 2 hour time slot with your lash artist to create any lash map style of your choosing. You are guaranteed for every single natural eyelash to be lashed ensuring your lashes last for as long as possible. Attention to detail is key and we will not let you leave until your new lashes are flawless from start to finish.

Please note:

  • We can only work in line with your natural lashes. If you have very sparse lashes this may limit us to create a fuller set.
  • Lashes shed on average 2-5 per day. Please don’t be alarmed when you start to notice your eyelashes falling out. It is a completely normal part of the shedding process.
  • Twice a year our lashes shed faster than usual in spring & autumn.
  • Everyone’s shedding rate cycle is different.


Less than 24hrs notice you will lose the deposit.


We require more than 24hrs notice, appointments cannot be rearranged with less than 24hrs notice.