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Named after the inspirational writer Jacqueline Wilson, her imagination has lifted the hearts of many girls through her 100s of books aimed at young readers, she’s most famous for her Tracey Beaker series.

The Jacqueline tweezers are so versatile it has a 2 way multi-use • Classics • Volume •

Perfect for gripping singular lashes for classics. The long neck of the Jacqueline’s are perfect for creating those wide fans, via spread & grab technique, pinch, or grab, place, fan & grab technique.

Lightweight & close tight

Remember Angels – a good set of volume tweezers will work, but they are not “magic”. Our tweezers require skill, precision and a lot of practice with them away from the client, to understand how to correctly work with them and find that tweezers that work for you, if you need guidance or extra support feel free to attend one of our classic or volume refreshers to up-skill or alternatively drop us an email for quick Q&A’s.

Important – with any volume tweezer a firmer grab is required to pick up the extra fine volume lashes compared to the thicker and singular classic lash.

The thinner the extension becomes – (0.05,0.04,0.03) and the bigger the fan you want to create, the more of a grip your tweezers need to have. Keep up to date with SHE Lash IGTV for top tips and tricks whilst using SHE Lash tweezers.