SHE Express Adhesive

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For first class lash artists only. To SHE Extension perfection in 0.5 -1 second

Specifications of the “ SHE EXPRESS Adhesive.

Ultra-Fast setting, low fume & odour and ultra long lasting 6- 7 Weeks.

Choosing the right adhesive is one of the most important considerations when applying eyelash extensions.

Size: 5ml
Colour: Jet Black


Odour: Low
Curing Time: 0.5 -1 second
Viscosity: Thin
Waterproof & sweat resistant
No hardness, no whiteness, flexible movement.
Ideal Humidity: 55– 65
Ideal Temperature: 18-24 degrees outside celsius
China manufactured.
Once opened use within 3 months. Shake well and keep at room temperature.

Top Tip: As it is a fast curing adhesive, isolate and then lay on the lash. Made for lash artists who can work to the adhesives curing rate.

Important Information:
The SHE EXPRESS adhesive is safe to use for both you and your client, it is compliant with all EU regulations.

This adhesive is 100% waterproof, clients no longer have to worry about not getting their lashes wet for 24-48 hours after treatment. Once cured to the lash, eyelash extensions are waterproof & sweat proof 1 hour post treatment.

The SHE EXPRESS adhesive contains a safety ingredient resulting in irritation free treatment it is low odour making treatment comfortable for both professional and client.

THE SHE EXPRESS adhesive has a perfect seamless bonding & will not turn white and hard, the adhesive will remain black and flexible to the natural lash.

This adhesive has INCOMPARABLE retention in the market today, the adhesive suppports practitioners to reduce time and work in between infills.

Once the extension is cured correctly and cared for applicably post treatment the extension will not fall until the natural lash sheds under its natural lash cycle.

You are not required to patch test lash extension clients using SHE Express adhesive.

IMPORTANT – However you must always follow your insurers guidelines!
If they state you must patch test then you are obligated to patch test all clients!
Your client must be fully informed of the potential risks involved with lash adhesive reactions. This must be documented and signed by the client and lash artist to confirm that they understand and are happy to go ahead. The client should also be offered the option for a patch test if they have any concerns.