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SHE Lash eyelash extensions contain tray 12 rows, 8mm – 15mm. Each row adds a third of the amount of eyelashes to make eyelashes more durable. SHE lashes have undergone two testing procedures, perfect sterilization & lash strip placement and durability. Added curvature baking technology to make eyelashes last longer to have the flexibility resembling a natural lash yet the structure to withstand normal wear and tear while holding the perfect SHE curl. Easy to remove, no residue, stable curl, easily applied eyelash extensions, for Qualifier Lash artist use. Please Note selected Korean black PBT 100% hand made eyelash extensions, hypoallergenic, no cruelty. Ultra Soft, 0.03 is the lightest lash width in the market SHE 0.03 range contains a rich black colour. These 0.03 Mega Volume Lash Extensions are in high demand, They are perfect for SHE Volume and Mega Volume, & Strip Lash Recreations.

“I’m your biggest Fan”

Our Lashes are so versatile they can create any look thats desired from our SHE Range from mega thick big black “Bianca Del Rios” or our celeb favourites the  ‘wispy’  “TRIXY MATELS”. The variety provided of single length trays & mixed trays can be used to give your volume set beautiful texture and effortless movement resulting in the perfect SHE Set.

“Only the best will do”

All our lashes are hand made, created using PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). PBT is designed to hold their curl and keep that strong dense black colour, resulting in SHE Lash Quality.

“Fluffies are friends”

We can assure you with our whole hearts that we do not provide any products that contain mink hair. We do not nor will we ever condemn the use of animals for lash extension purposes. We take Animal testing extremely seriously.

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