SHE Academy

SHE Academy is a leading Award winning Training Facility within the UK.

Here at SHE we pride ourselves on our innovative methods of training keeping up to date in todays Lash industry with trends and techniques.

At SHE ACADEMY, we only source the most knowledgeable & approachable Lash educators, Allowing you to learn in a comfortable warm friendly environment. Not only are our Lash educators Highly Qualified in Education (AET), they also have first hand Experience in the lash industry as they are all lash Artists themselves. You will not only be gaining their expert knowledge in this Amazing industry, You will leave  feeling empowered and motivated  to succeed. Our educators passion for this industry is Infectious. SHE Academy’s mission statement  “DO, IT WITH PASSION, OR NOT ATALL”  is what we are all about, keeping our clients safety a priority, by Teaching you our ways we aim to raise the level of standard within the lash industry Insuring everyone who attends leaves a Safe, Confident, Educated & passionate lash technician.

Our training academy is based in Shropshire.  ALL courses are held at SHE Lash HQ, Upper Battlefield, Shrewsbury SY4 3DB. 

Certified Training Academy Offering:

  • SHE Classic Courses – £295.00

  • SHE Volume Course – £345.00

  • SHE 1:1 Classic or Volume Course – £400.00

  • SHE Classic & Volume Fast Track Course – £995.00

  • SHE 1:1 Classic or Volume Refresher – £250.00

  • SHE 1:1 MasterClass – £550.00

All courses require a £99 deposit upon booking to secure your place. Non-refundable but is transferable up to 1 week prior to course date.

SHE Classic Course
SHE Volume Course
SHE 1:1 Classic or Volume Course
SHE Classic & Volume Fast Track Course
SHE 1:1 Refresher
SHE Masterclass
SHE Online Courses

So whether you’re a complete beginner, wanting to advance further, enhance your skills, take over the lash market or join the SHE squad, SHE Academy is the place to be!

If you are interested in taking one of our SHE Academy courses but want to know more, email Emily at or use our online contact form via the button below.

It was AMAZING!! I had so much fun on the day, it was literally a laugh from start to finish and it made me feel energised after the 4 hour  trip to get to it 😂, it was also extremely informative and really helped me be the best possible lash tech and I’ve had amazing feedback from clients over it! – I also love how your willing to respond to questions after we’ve had the training so not like other companies which will train you up and then just let you go off into the big lash world 💜 I honestly could not recommend enough and I’m sending so many of my friends to you ✨ xxxx


THE BEST TRAINING ! Heather, Sarah and Lauren have all helped me grow my small business. 1000% recommend to anybody wanting to train with SHE Academy, I’ve never been anywhere before that have been as helpful as these guys. My little business has been recognised on a jumbo jet to Orlando, what are the odds ?? You will not find anywhere else that offers training like it 😘❤️


If your thinking of lash training…You have to go to SHE Lash Academy. Heres a run down of my 121 volume refresher training… Heather was phenomenal, I’m a trainer (not for lashes) by trade so I never enjoy being trained—but I loved today. I walked away feeling super confident which isn’t something I often feel. I was given so many tips, tricks and advise throughout the day! Not only did Heather give me the critique on my current lash pictures (which I’ve wanted to so long) she has a personalised plan as to how I can improve and what I need to work on…When you work alone it’s hard to see how to improve. There was also no holding back on any information on this course from products, to social media! If only training was delivered with such passion this industry would have some seriously unreal Lash Artists.


Hey beauts!! Just wanted to say such a massive thank you for today! I just wanted to say I honestly haven’t enjoyed a course as much as i have yours today, I feel I have learnt so much and don’t think I’ve ever done a course and came away and felt as happy and confident as I’ve done today! And trust me I’ve been on my fair few share of courses 😂 you girls are amazing with amazing talent! Gonna get lots of practice and can’t wait to come back and book for your master class! Thank you so much again 💖💖💖💖💖





  • Bethan Kershaw

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Charlotte Crosby

  • Chloe Elizabeth

  • Chloe Ferry

  • Daisy O'Donnell

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Hannah Elizabeth

  • Scarlett Ellis

  • Chloe Ferry

  • Charlotte Crosby

  • Sophie Kasaei

  • Daisy O'Donnell

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