SHE Lash


Fate had it written in the stars….. Did you know that the name of the company S.H.E stands for the CEO’S initials combined? Sarah & Heather Edgerton. That is when SHE was truly born. So how did it all begin?


Our little empire starts with the girl who puts the ‘S’ into SHE, Sarah. Sarah was a strip lash addict she literally would not be seen without them, inspired by a local lash artist she decided to take up a career in lash extensions to support her financially whilst completing her 3 year nursing degree.

With no background in the beauty industry whatsoever she didn’t have a single client to her name. A one woman band she decided to keep it simple and the beginning of The business was then called ‘LashesbySarah’.


Still in her parents spare attic room she had built up a regular loyal clientele that fell in love with her lashes just as much as her warm & friendly customer service, her passion showed in her work, locally word was spreading and her business was

Along came heather … lashesbysarah was growing and needed help to take on clients Sarah could no longer fit in, and so Sarah took on her first ever lash apprentice ..her sister Heather.

When two became one … no longer just ‘lashes by sarah’ they rebranded the business name to ‘The lash Boutique’. With not many variations in styles of individual lashes in the industry at the time They were tired of seeing the same bog standard lash set of lashes they wanted to offer more options for their clients rather than your standard Classics, Hybrids & Volume. They felt the industry demanded more creativity. After all why do strip lashes get to have all the fun?

And so the lash game changed forever…..on a mission to create more styles they specialised in recreating strip lash looks. Hours & hours of experimenting took place ( Thankyou to all our day one clients for your patience) Defying everything they were originally taught what NOT to do on their initial lash training “Do not apply extensions 3mm longer than the natural lashes” “Volume fans need to be Perfectly symmetrical” “No more than 7D fans” ….the lash industry was advancing, clients wanted more & their hearts knew more was out there for them. Sarah & Heather well & truly threw the rule book out the window & found their own style.

With need for more space due to their client base doubling they soon upgraded! From the attic room, allllll the way to the ever so slightly bigger spare bedroom downstairs in their parents house still

With plans to launch & sell there own lash line they were proud of for other lash techs to replicate the looks they were making they felt a business rebrand was in order. ‘The lash boutique’ wasn’t original enough, it didn’t stand out enough, there was also too many lash business’s with the same name as us! We needed to stand out from the crowd. A client suggested ‘why don’t you use your initials, no one can copy that!’ ‘Ermmm H & S?!” S & H?? “ H.S.E?!” S.H.E?! … SHEEEE!!! …and the rest is history!


The ‘strip lash look’ took the semi permanent lash industry by storm. No one had really heard of it before. Along with our GROWING client base our lashes were getting noticed everywhere! We had clients travelling 4 hours just to get their lashes done with us! Insane right!? We had a waiting list of up to 150 girls per week wanting to book in that couldn’t get an appointment. We had lash techs oversees begging us to train them.

We were working 12 hour days 7 days a week & still unable to fit our clients in. We needed to expand our team. Fast.


“A company is only a good as it’s people” with that in mind we ensured that everyone who joined the SHE team from now on was trained to deliver the exact same standard as ourselves if not better to keep the standards high & reputation strong. Our two latest recruits happened to be our life long closest friend & cousin.

A few months later, our team had doubled, no longer room for us all to work in our parents spare bedroom. We signed a lease on our first ever space to move our small business out of our parents house. We had never done this before. For us this was a BIG step. We now had to pay rent?! As long as we could afford the rent each month we didn’t care how much money we were making for ourselves, we loved lashing and our team needed more space pronto.

Everyone say hello to SHE lashes new space 2018….it was still tiny! Ever so slightly bigger than the spare bedroom but it got us out of our parents house & made our business feel a little more professional …

We were determined to turn this little box of a room into Shropshires prettiest little lash haven!

Within 6 months of moving into our new space before we knew it our-team had tripled and we had outgrown it. We needed to move, fast! …while still signed into our current contract we moved out so we signed another lease on a bigger space! We were paying rent for two locations one of them we weren’t even using, but we had no choice our team could no longer physically fit in there! The beauty beds were squeezed right next to each other …. literally!

Allowing ourselves just 2 weeks to decorate and transform our new space We moved into our new space as fast as we could ….

Thaaaaaats better…..

As our clients were travelling to us from all over the place! There was only one thing to do…we took the plunge & decided open up another SHE lash studio as well as our Shrewsbury store in a different location #SHELashChester.

Our dreams were starting to become a reality…We had two SHE lash locations! Every bit of money we earned we put back into the business! We managed to pay off our salon refurbs bit by bit, lamp by lamp, flooring by wallpaper. It may be a slow process and we might not have a grand opening like other salons but at least we can say we did it all on our own. No loans and help off nobody. We have been given no handouts in life, everything we have to date is down to pure hustle and hard work nothing else.

With no intention to offer training at the time we couldn’t ignore the daily requests of lash techs asking us to train them. As the lash industry was growing day by day we felt there was a gap in the market for a passionate training Academy that specialised in just lashing & we wanted to LEVEL up & raise the standards higher across the board! And so with no idea how many people would book on… We started our little side business with the intent to produce talented & educated lash techs SHE ACADEMY.


Fast forward 7 months later and here we are, SHE lash can be located within several locations across the U.K. by studio or pop up including Shrewsbury, Chester, Manchester, Essex and not to mention Ibiza!

We’ve built up a celebrity clientele. We have a list as long as our arm of girls wanting an interview, some of our team have dropped their degrees to come and work for us!

Our training academy has expanded so much and we’ve just signed a lease for it to be based permanently running full time! Not to mention our academy has been nominated for an award getting recognised more and more by the day.

We’re about to launch an online shop offering a whole range of SHE lash stock that has taken us over a YEAR to publish it is entirely our own & we’re proud of!!

And now we’ve got our own website!….someone pinch us!!!.

…and We just want to say THANK YOU. Thankyou to every client that has ever paid SHE lash a visit, thank you to our loyal clientele that have never left us, thank you to every lash tech that has ever purchased our products, Thankyou to every student that has attended our training course, Thankyou to every follow, like & kind comment. Your support means the world to us ❤