Time: 10:00 – 16.00

Location: SHE Lash HQ, Upper Battlefield, Shrewsbury, SY4 3DB

One word springs to mind for our 1:1 masterclass and that’s LASH MAPPING & BUSINESS MENTORING. So you have your classic & volume qualification, your an experienced lash tech, you have a regular clientele, what’s next……. TIME TO LEVEL THE F*** UP!

We are going to give you our Business Plan on a plate…. No Secrets!

Why do strip lashes get to have all the fun? Grow with us & help us shape the lash industry. We have 12 ladies we’d like you to get to know when you attend this course, that’s right, you will be learning our 12 SHE signature lash maps. Attention to detail is KEY for this 1:1 masterclass. As well as learning our product knowledge, how to further your business, social media advice so much more we put every effort into you on this course as we would training a a lash artist from our own team! Every student that attends this course is not guaranteed but considered to potentially to take on a SHE Lash brand ambassador title.


  • Permission to label yourself as a SHE lash brand ambassador
  • Your business name & location featured on our website for potential clients in your area
  • Our no.1 referral to our celebrity/blogger clientele to boost your business
  • 15% off SHE stock
  • Forever ongoing support from our CEO’s when needed
  • Fanning method, techniques, lash map updates
  • A closed private WhatsApp group for SHE lash brand ambassadors

Nothing less than perfect will do. Do you think you and your business have what it takes to become a SHE lash brand ambassador?

When attending your course please remember to bring your current tweezers, a notepad and pen. We will provide a model but if you would prefer to bring your own please let us know.

If you would like to Request a particular Lash artist please email ahead to do so and we will Try our best to accommodate this. Please note All Lash educators have equally the same skill set and provide exactly the same course catered to individual needs.

CEO – Sarah Edgerton

CEO – Heather Edgerton

Lash Kits & Supplies will be available to purchase on the day or alternatively from our online store.

All courses have a life time follow up support group that require two case studies to be completed & assessed by our lash educators to complete certification. We will not let a student leave our course and enter this profession until we are confident they are safe to practice in this industry.